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GridWorks is a white-label operator of high quality non-emergency medical transportation services for managed care health plans. On June 1, 2018 GridWorks began operating Ride to Care.  Ride to Care is the non-emergency medical transportation program for members enrolled in the Health Share of Oregon Coordinated Care Organization.

For more information about Ride to Care, visit www.ridetocare.org.



Our founder, Ross Peterson, created GridWorks in August 2013 as a boutique, mission-driven consulting firm.  His aim was to merge his experience in private consulting with the principles of a mission-driven nonprofit. 

GridWorks' mission has always been about maximizing transportation options for people who do not drive.  Early on, this mission, combined with the firm's small size enabled it to build strong relationships with clients who shared the firm's passion for improving human service transportation programs.  This focus led to GridWorks serving as an NEMT consultant to over half of Oregon's Coordinated Care Organizations in recent years.

It all began with a project to evaluate ridership patterns for a small CCO in Southern Oregon.  This led to a commission to completely redesign the NEMT services for a neighboring CCO, also in Southern Oregon. The new design GridWorks helped implement resulted in a dramatic reduction in grievances, a significant  improvement in on-time performance, and fewer missed appointments for members.  

With this success under our belts, Health Share of Oregon approached us to improve the Ride to Care program in Portland - Oregon's biggest NEMT system.  After a national search and formal Request for Information that identified a number of great ideas, but no clear leader to bring it all together, Health Share asked us if we could help lead Ride to Care. Recognizing a unique opportunity to serve our community while also directly pursuing our mission, we agreed.  

Our team includes public health experts, medical transportation professionals, urban planners, software developers, and designers.  We have morphed from being a mission-driven consulting firm to being a mission-driven NEMT provider.

GridWorks LLC is the legal name of our consulting firm. GridWorks is an Oregon Benefit Company and a Certified B-Corp. The firm is ranked in the top 10 percent of all Certified B-Corps for its commitment to serving disadvantaged populations and investment in its employees.  GridWorks partners with state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and businesses throughout the United States to design, evaluate, and implement solutions at the intersection of access and mobility. The consulting firm is not currently accepting new clients.

GridWorks Lab, Inc. doing business as GridWorks IC is the name of the sister company we formed to serve as an operator of NEMT programs.  We are in the process of certifying GridWorks IC as a B-Corp and are in the process of building a new website to share what we are learning as operators of high-quality NEMT services.