In the summer of 2013, our founder and CEO formed C.R. Peterson Consulting, LLC as a mission- driven consulting firm. Its mission was to maximize transportation options for people who do not drive. At the time, Ross’s decade-long career in human services transportation consulting spanned various roles in government, non-profit and the private sector. In these roles, he grew concerned about the profound transformation that was underway in the transportation industry: TNCs like Uber and Lyft were disrupting traditional for-hire transportation models while at the same time cities were experiencing large-scale displacement of low-income, senior and minority households. The firm’s mission of maximizing transportation options for non-drivers was aimed at reducing disparities facing non-drivers in the context of these broader trends.

By 2015 the firm was renamed GridWorks and had successfully become Oregon’s first certified B-Corp in the transportation consulting industry. That same year, CCOs were beginning to integrate NEMT into their global budgets. GridWorks saw this as an opportunity to work with like-minded community-based organizations to maximize transportation options for non-drivers. By the end of 2017, GridWorks was serving as a consultant to over half of Oregon’s newly formed Medicaid CCOs.

GridWorks Lab, Inc. doing business as GridWorks IC is the name of the company formed to serve as an operator of NEMT programs in the Portland area in partnership with local health plans. GridWorks IC has served as the operator of Ride to Care in Portland since June of 2018.  As of December 18, 2019, GridWorks IC is operating under a receivership to facilitate an orderly transition of operations to a new management team.  For more information about the GridWorks IC receivership visit https://gridworksreceivership.com/.  For more information about Ride to Care visit  https://ridetocare.com/

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