Access + Mobility is a blog about maximizing transportation options for people who don’t drive. It is written primarily by members of our team with occasional guest articles from leading thinkers in the fields of community transportation, human services, and public policy.


Our objective in starting this blog is to share ideas and engage our readers in a conversation about transportation planning and policy impacting individuals who cannot drive, including: seniors, people with disabilities, and people who cannot afford to drive for their primary mode of transportation.

August 28, 2015

I’d like to share a few thoughts about the future of this firm.



C.R. Peterson Consulting was formed in 2013 when I was laid off from my position as Director of Consulting at Ride Connection here in Portland, OR. At the time, I formed the company out of necessity: I had clients who needed me to finish work and a family to feed. That was exactly a year ago today.

During the first three months on my own, my focus was survival. But after finishing a few projects with happy clients and after winning several additional jobs, I realized the timing was right to build the business I’ve always wanted to build.


At the beginning of this year I made a decision that I would commit myself to turning C.R. Peterson Consulting into more than a single-shingle consulting firm. My goal is to build a team of passionate and talented people who are dedicated to solving what I call the community transportation crisis. I...

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