Access + Mobility is a blog about maximizing transportation options for people who don’t drive. It is written primarily by members of our team with occasional guest articles from leading thinkers in the fields of community transportation, human services, and public policy.


Our objective in starting this blog is to share ideas and engage our readers in a conversation about transportation planning and policy impacting individuals who cannot drive, including: seniors, people with disabilities, and people who cannot afford to drive for their primary mode of transportation.

May 18, 2016

So much to love about Portland


Portland is known as a bastion of progressive land use and transportation planning, but this reputation didn't just happen. Our policies and places are a reflection of what we value. We value our environment, open spaces and agricultural lands. We value having choices for how we get around. And underlying all of this, we value collaboration. Over the years, leaders here have modeled patterns of working together that have led to landmarks in our development. From Portland's Urban Growth Boundary, to Tom McCall Waterfront Park to Ride Connection, the policies, places and organizations you hear about in Portland are derived from people working together to solve challenging problems.


This is why we at GridWorks are so proud to call Portland home. Portland's climate, culture and commitment to collaboration make this an excellent place to grow a mission-focused consulting firm. Our high standa...

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