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Bachelors of Mathematics

City University of New York 

Masters of Computer Science 

Polytechnic University of NYU

Certifications in ISC, Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle



Director of Technology

Gaven Singh is a future-minded innovator who thrives on solving problems by utilizing 

technology to improve outcomes, lower costs, and increase efficiencies within organizations. He is a seasoned executive who has worked with various companies to aid them in introducing and implementing cutting edge technologies, bringing them to the forefront of business. He is well versed in understanding protocols that comply with HIPAA/HITECH requirements, enabling him to construct robust and secure technology environments.


Prior to joining GridWorks Gaven held various positions with increasing responsibility at several Fortune 500 companies. He has designed, coordinated, and implemented service delivery programs, infrastructure engineering and operations, and application development. Gaven has a diverse background in leading local and international teams in both corporate and startup settings. He has extensive experience in research, instructional, and enterprise computing within the healthcare industry.