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Bachelors of Urban Planning

University of Utah


Masters of Business Administration

University of Utah


Chief Executive Officer

Ross Peterson is a thought-leader in the Human Services transportation industry and the visionary force behind GridWorks. Ross created GridWorks after a decade-long career in human services transportation consulting.  Having worked in both not-for-profit and for-profit sectors, he saw an unmet need for a social enterprise in the medical transportation field. Ross’s areas of expertise include evaluation and auditing, systems analysis, information technology and policy development in the areas of community transportation and travel demand management.

Under Ross’s leadership GridWorks has built multiple high-quality non-emergent medical transportation delivery systems in close partnership with Medicaid Managed Care health plans. Ross is credited with leading the launch of ReadyRide in Grants Pass, Oregon in 2015 where his efforts lead to a dramatic decrease in customer complaints and the creation of a thriving new NEMT brokerage within the budget established by the CCO. More recently, Ross led the turnaround of Ride to Care in Portland Oregon.