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February 3, 2016


Formerly C.R. Peterson Consulting, we've re-branded to reflect our growth as a team.  We are now GridWorks.

So what does this new name mean?


Obviously it has a strong connection to cities, structures and the hard work we put into solving problems. It speaks to our role as city planners and the intersectionality of our work in areas like health and transportation. Our tag line “Solutions at the intersection of Access + Mobility” alludes to our interdisciplinary approach to projects.


But more important than the literal references the name conveys, I want to talk about some of the deeply meaningful symbolism reflected in this change. To me, this new moniker is really about teamwork and purpose.


When I started this firm I named it after myself because, well, it was just me at the time. As the firm has grown over the past two years, I have come to understand certain things about the meaning of the work we do here and how our role as a team shapes our approach. Our purpose and mission are core motivators that compel us to do great work. And our team-structure allows us to accomplish more as a group than any one of us could accomplish as individuals.


When we set out to change the name, the only requirement we gave our designers was that it should reflect the idea that we are a purpose driven team.


The other day, on my way back from meeting with our design team at Figure 8 Creative I was overcome with a profound sense of satisfaction resulting from the near perfect alignment of teamwork and purpose. After seeing the final product, I literally cried tears of joy at the realization that the process of developing our new name was in and of itself a mirror image of the larger effort Gridworks is all about: working together to solve problems.


Over the coming weeks we will be updating our website with additional information about our recent projects and other exciting news.  Stay tuned.

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